Apostolic Administration For Such a Time As This

Who's Minding the Store? 


This book is the first-of-its-kind to specifically address the role and function of Apostolic Administrators called for Such a Time as This. It defines and clarifies the spiritual Gift of Administration (with biblical examples), How it works with real-life examples, and why it is so critical for those called to serve Christian leaders in any of the seven spheres of society.  

The book does NOT teach how to run an office!

It reveals the leadership traits, mindset, and attitudes that every Christian, especially administrators, need to serve leaders. 

Forward by John P. Kelly

Chapters include:

  • Who was the first Apostolic Administrator?
  • Turning the World right side up
  • The Gift of Administration, Defining the Gift, Admirals & Captains, Apostolic Team Example
  • Clues to Becoming a Leader who Serves Leaders, Diplomatic Ambassadors, The Road to Promotion 
  • As One for the Battle to be won!
  •  The Art of Being Indispensable, The Power of Convergence, Strategy, Nehemiah
  • Special Assignment, Commander's Intent
  • How to avoid Shipwrecks
  • Tips for Finding an Apostolic Administrator, Diamonds vs. Cut Glass


   "Every apostolic leader needs an apostolic administrator! Lynn Kishaba’s book, Apostolic Administrator, provides the solution to a frequently expressed need. The reader receives a strong biblical foundation throughout each chapter. The practical steps help the reader identify and position a person for Kingdom advancement. 

Too many apostolic leaders carry heavy loads without the God-given gift of an Apostolic Administrator. Read Lynn’s book and let her show you how to lift the heavy load. She will challenge you to go higher in your calling. She will expand your vision to see beyond your limitations. She will empower you with the tool you need to advance your Kingdom assignment!"

Barbara Wentroble

President and Founder: International Breakthrough Ministries www.barbarawentroble.com 


"This new book is the handbook for selecting, training, testing and utilizing the people whom God has graced with the “gift of administration” complete with ample references and resources to get the job done. As John Kelly has pointed out, “The first employee the Apostolic Leader should hire is the Apostolic Administrator” to form the Apostolic Team that can accomplish God’s mission of Kingdom expansion on planet Earth. 

Lynn’s book will be enjoyable and enlightening to read for emerging and veteran Apostolic Leaders. 

Thank you, Lynn for this powerful contribution to God’s work in the now. “For Such a Time As This.”

John Polis, Founder & President Revival Fellowship International, Sr. Pastor of Faith Church International and President of Restoration Bible College


"It is my pleasure to present a really impactive book I had the privilege to review, alongside others. 

I am particularly excited to be recommending this book.   


 Obii Pax Harry  

 Apostle over Nehemiah Apostolic Resource Center, Abuja, Nigeria and Rebuilding Lives Project USA,