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To assist the Five-Fold ministers, God sent many other gifts, including the gift of administration noted in 1 Corinthians 12:28 and Acts 6:4. This gift is seen throughout the Bible in the lives of prominent people such as Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Stephen, Phoebe, and many others. It is my belief, and that of many apostolic leaders, that these people were not ordinary administrators - they were Apostolic Administrators.

Experience: Since the 1980s, God has called me to work with apostolic leaders to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. The wisdom and knowledge I gained - and continue to gain-  from working with apostolic leaders has enabled the Lord to use me to assist in the development of the largest Christian society of Apostolic Leaders in world –   ICAL, the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

As an Apostolic Administrator,  I see a great difference between a good administrator and one who is apostolic – it comes from God’s anointing, His calling and His appointing on key people for apostolic ministry. They must have the gift of leadership and be seers full of wisdom and grace who can strategically transform a mission vision into a reality. Just like apostles, they are Builders of God's Kingdom on earth. 

Like  Moses, every leader needs an Aaron and Hur to lift their arms so the battle can be won. Every leader needs a Joseph, Daniel, Stephen or Phoebe-type of anointed and dedicated apostolicservant leader administrator to oversee work.

I believe one of the greatest obstacles to creating a successful endeavor can be found in the  gap between the leaders and administration. Closing that gap requires revelation and equipping for the strategic placement and function of administrators and how leaders can more effectively work with them to enhance mission success.

The Value of Apostolic Administration Training:

It outlines the the keys to understand the call, identify the gift and how to function effectively in this strategic role. No one is born to Administrate. The quality and value of the gift only shows with training and experience and practice. 

We offer live training and recorded Seminars (at the store). It delivers both revelation and practical knowledge to equip leaders and administrators, including seminar workbook and office forms. Many people are transformed in their approach to how they work together and understand the battle they face - and how to be far more efficient and effective.                                                                                 

Apostolic Administration is the support backbone of every apostolic work; the hub of every leader’s communication center. 

In Ephesians 4: 11-12, the Apostle Paul tells us that God gave gifts to his Church: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who are charged with the responsibility to equip God's people to do His work. These are known as the Five-Fold governmental gifts.  Today, there are many thousands of leaders on every continent equipping all those called by Jesus Christ to build His Kingdom on earth.

Apostolic Leaders recommend this training:

Apostle John P. Kelly, Convenor of ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders) -
      "Lynn is a well-known and respected leader, teacher and administrator. Many have dreams and prophetic words, but it takes the gift of administration working effectively with leaders to bring them into fulfillment. Lynn has used her gifts for over 35 years to help leaders, such as me, to see their dreams become reality.  I highly recommend this seminar for every leader and administrator."

 Senior Pastor, Tim Byler - "I know firsthand the improvements our staff experienced because of the training they received from you. [At the Part 1 Seminar]  Also, I have been involved in numerous events you have coordinated.  I have been very impressed with the overall manner in which you execute an event. "

 Administration Seminar comments:  “It is incredible how much I learned; my work is much more important than I thought.”  "Leaders need this as much as administrators"  ;  " Thank you for gearing this institute to beginning and experienced ministries."

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